Sales Report Template

Good CEO knows that sales team can build or ruin the business. Sales report is an effective tool that helps to control the activity of sales managers and to make sure that their actions turnView a Report

summary report template

Summary report template

What is summary report? Summary report is a concise comprehensive variant of more extended document.  It is created in order to give a gist of the original version and to save processing time and efforts.View a Report

shift report

Shift report template

Where shift report is used? Shift report may concern all jobs that involve rotations and shifts.  Shift-form employment practice is used to provide 24 h services. Shift-based jobs are represented by restaurant sphere, call-centers, shippingView a Report

production report

Production report template

There exist a number of ways to track your business and to make it more profitable. Most of them are based on the profound analysis. One of the effective analytical tools is production report.

business report

Business report template

Business report is a document that is created in order to describe and analyze business assets, strategies, operations and activities, to define the direction and plans for the future business development.