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Business report is a document that is created in order to describe and analyze business assets, strategies, operations and activities, to define the direction and plans for the future business development.


As an academic assignment business report writing tasks are normally given to teach you to:

  • Look at accessible and potential solution for an issue, circumstance, or stumbling point.
  • Apply business and administration hypothesis to a real situation.
  • Show your logical thinking, analytical abilities and assessment skills in distinguishing and weighing-up conceivable arrangements and results.
  • Achieve determinations around an issue or a matter of contention.
  • Give suggestions of future activity.

It is essential to bear in mind that there is no single ideal solution for an issue. There is a number of patterns you can choose and each of them will lead to different results. Before the final choice, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages your company will get as a result of your resolution. Those potential gains and losses should be deeply analyzed in your report.

The other point you should decide on is the target-audience of your report. It can be either CEO of your company or all members of the staff. It is a type of audience who defines a level of objectivity, formality and fairness.

Structure of the business report

Business report content usually includes executive summary, table of contents (lists of topics), introduction, main body of the report, conclusions, references and appendix.

Executive summary contains short summary of the main body, methodology that was used. The length of the summary depends on the volume of the whole report but in most cases it would not exceed 1 page.

Introduction highlights main questions of the report, gives the background and reasons of why it was created.

Body includes main data and findings of the report. It may also be divided into subsections.

Conclusions interpret the results of the analysis.

References lists the sources that were used to back your analysis.

Appendix usually contains additional information that could enhance the understanding f your report. According to structure, two types or report distinguished:



An inductive report moves from the particular  to the broader, abridged data, as showed in the conclusions and proposals. The set of sections would be the following.

  • Introduction;
  • Discussion;
  • Conclusions;
  • Proposals;

Such kind of report is perfect for the audience who has enough time to read the whole piece, from the first page to the last. The other case where the inductive report will be more suitable is when the discoveries might be to some degree questionable, thus, you have to exhibit your thinking and reasoning in details and to prove your point.


In comparison with an inductive type, deductive report moves from the general to the  particular:

  •  Introduction;
  •  Conclusions;
  •  Suggestions;
  •  Discussion;

This sort of report is viable when presented to an audience who is short of time and is rather willing to get to the conclusions and suggestions that to read the whole piece. Hence, such a set of elements likewise fitting for reports that are not argumentative or doesn’t contain ambiguous results and proposals.

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