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There exist a number of ways to track your business and to make it more profitable. Most of them are based on the profound analysis. One of the effective analytical tools is production report.

What is production report?

Production report is a type of document created in order to help the company to control the process of production and timely reveal all existing or possible pitfalls. With the help of production report company investigates each stage of production process and finds areas that require improvement. Such kind of analysis fosters the invention of new effective methods and tools of production while inefficient tools and methods are excluded.

Depending on the type of business, production report may also include such information as the tasks that were supposed to be covered, tasks that were actually covered, the workload, the amount of time spent on each task. PM monitors the pace of the work and decides on the possible ways of its acceleration. Further report is presented for the higher authorities and executive managers.

Production report also depends on the type of business. Project manager is usually the person responsible for the creation of the report.

In the upper part of the first page the following information is mentioned.

Name of proprietor



Plant location

Plant number







Data in production report may be accompanied by the charts, diagrams and figures. Production reports cover different time periods (day, month, year). The more often reports are created the more detailed information it contain.

Production reports in filmmaking industry

The term “production report” is also used in filmmaking sphere. Usually, it refers to the daily report that includes notes about what happened that day. The main aim of the production report is to indicate the targets that were met and those that were not.

Such reports help to track the production expenses and to define how much should be paid to each member of the filmmaking film. There is no standardized template of the film production report. In most cases original report blanks are create before the beginning of the production. Traditionally production report contains such details as the scenes that were filmed that day, locations, camera report, the amount of film used, supervisor’s notes, numbers of background actors and their payment, break and lunch time. Also report usually lists names of producers, directors, managers and assistants.

Below the main information there may be indicated the names of all members of the staff, their in and out , lunch time information. Equipment details are included as well.
 Production reports are commonly created by the assistant director and PA.

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