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Where shift report is used?

Shift report may concern all jobs that involve rotations and shifts.  Shift-form employment practice is used to provide 24 h services. Shift-based jobs are represented by restaurant sphere, call-centers, shipping services, security services, media jobs, medical workers.

Shift reports enhance cooperation between colleagues or coworkers, they guarantee appropriate control and responsibility distribution. Workers use shift reports to pass data about procedures that happened during a shift to the next shift. These interchanges help those who have finished the shift evaluate work that was done and decide how to continue. New shift workers can analyze the report and organize the work accordingly.

The input of shift reports differs depending on the organization.  Shift reports might likewise incorporate favorable and unfavorable occasions and the reasons behind these occasions.  In addition, shift report may help to reveal the pitfalls of working process such as low productivity. The report may likewise contain zones that need critical analysis and improvement.

One more function of shift reports is to evaluate the performance of each individual worker. Supervisor of the shift may include notes about employee’s actions or lack of actions in different working situations.

The importance of shift reports becomes obvious when workers of different shifts share the same task. In such cases shift reports are used as a communication and coordination tool.

Shift reports are valuable data source that may be used by managers to conduct a comprehensive analysis of working process, track worker’s productivity, sales tendencies, reveal different kind of obstacles and prevent their reoccurance in the future. Similarly can be analyzed positive trends and practices.

Shift reports in medical sphere

Medical shift reports are commonly subdivided into oral shift reports and written shift reports. Oral shift reports are practiced in many hospitals where nurses before ending the shift exchange the information about the patient’s condition with the next shift during the short meeting. In some hospitals, however, only written form reports are used.  The main purpose of the shift report is to record the patient’s progress.

The importance of the end-of-the-shift shift reports cannot be overestimated. In some hospitals nurses are not allowed to end the shift before they give the report.  It is a way of passing important information about patients, changes and incidents that took place during the shift.  Major incidents may include new admission, discharge, death.  It is ritual of transferring the responsibility.

In order to fulfil its function, report has to be clear, accurate, detailed and concise at the same time. It should not contain unnecessary information that the person who is supposed to read it can get distracted by the excess of words and miss out some really important records.

Nurse shift report includes such information as Room number, patient’s name, age, sex, date of admission, diagnosis, procedure, conditions, allergies. Below you will find significant hospital history information that includes such indicators as neuro, orientation, psychological/social marker,  pupils, extremity strength temp.,  activity weight, fall precaution. Other 3 sections are called “Body Systems”, “CV”, “Cardiovascular”.

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